Partnering with Kubeark: rolling out a game-changing solution to cloud infrastructure management

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2 min readFeb 1, 2023

A stellar ex-UIPath team takes on the cost and complexity of managing cloud environments with process automation.

By Todor Breshkov and Mario Stoev

We are excited to announce our investment in Kubeark, a progressive solution to application management and distribution platforms for cloud infrastructure. The platform solves the complexity of managing the orchestration of containers on hybrid cloud environments.

Unicorn DNA

Kubeark was founded by Bogdan Nedelcov and Teo Harapcea in early 2022, after they observed the challenges faced by software providers in implementing flexible cloud strategies while working at UIPath, the market leader in automation for as long as automation has been a thing.

The Kubeark Thesis

Our internal thesis is that more and more organizations are recognizing the necessity of turning to agile, automation-driven approaches to cloud management and deployment. However, we’ve seen that the industry is facing several challenges, especially when it comes to managing the complexity of hybrid cloud environments.

Lost in the clouds

Businesses often have to build and maintain complex scripts based on open-source projects, which can become outdated and difficult to maintain on a large scale. This can be costly and time-consuming, requiring specialized expertise and dedicated teams to manage. Furthermore, many companies become locked with a particular cloud provider even if it becomes expensive or complex to work with, making it hard to switch to a different provider without incurring significant costs and disruption.

Swiveling out of cost and complexity

Kubeark is addressing these problems by providing a platform that is infrastructure agnostic and simplifies the process of deploying, managing, and scaling applications on any type of infrastructure. This allows organizations to optimize their cloud infrastructure and avoid the costs and complexity of managing hybrid cloud environments manually.

We are thrilled to back the stellar team at Kubeark and partner them in their quest to revolutionize cloud management with well-designed automation. It’s a moment of opportunity for SaaS products catering to processes optimization and cost-cutting, and confident that Kubeark has all that it takes to innovate and lead in this space.



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